Natasha Lane - Professional Writer and Digital Marketer

I’ve been working collaborating individual clients and companies of all sizes for more than a decade. I specialize in writing about design, branding, digital marketing, and business growth. My work has been featured in numerous publications, including,, and

That’s the boring, braggy stuff, though. If you’re wondering how I got into digital marketing, let me give you a little more background information.

Once upon a time, little me started writing poems and short stories accompanied by unhandy drawings. I was creating my own worlds. My greatest accomplishment at the time? A poem about how desperate I was for a puppy. Seriously, I really, really wanted one. 

And it worked! 

A few days later, our family was expanded by an adorable little schnauzer. And at that moment, I  understood just how much power words and images have.

From then on, I was the kid who would obsessively write and doodle, completely ignoring all those “you should go outside get some fresh air” comments. 

Jokes aside, it seems like I was always into writing and drawing. The two became my first creative outlets and a lifelong passion. 

I decided to study design, and that choice worked for me beautifully. In college, I stumbled into my first digital marketing job by chance. Interestingly enough (OK, this is probably only interesting to me), it was related to writing. I started as a content marketer, and through the years, slowly progressed towards digital marketing in general.

During the last 10 years, I’ve worked for several big digital marketing agencies and multiple freelance clients. I’ve had the privilege to be a part of, as well as to lead, dozens of various marketing, branding, and growth hacking related projects. By accepting challenges and being prepared to learn, I’ve managed to piece together two of my biggest passions – design and writing.

I still spend hours and hours every day researching, learning, and practicing those disciplines. Only now, I do it by helping small businesses not only grow strong but grow authentically. 

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